This is the (new) Wild Country

This is the (new) Wild Country

Pioneers of the late 1800s bravely ventured into uncharted territories of the wild country without knowing the relentless threats ahead of them. Whether they sought fertile land, resources, or religious or political freedom, they set out to face an evolving world with great uncertainty. "1883," the post-Civil War precursor to the "Yellowstone" TV series, encapsulates the spirit of these pioneers and the unforgiving landscape that tested those who dared to challenge it. They forged ahead, despite adversities of harsh weather, illness, and scarcity of provisions, which often led to untimely death. These brave pioneers would shape the landscape for future generations.

Fast forward to the present, where a new and different landscape has unfolded, presenting a unique set of challenges to the young adult. This is today's wild country — more than a century apart, yet connected by the trials of existence. The current landscape is one characterized by moral decay, extreme political division, crime, rejection of faith, cancel culture, and the influence of social media, creating a harsh and complex terrain for the modern young adult.

Today's issues transcend physical barriers. You can be canceled for expressing an opinion, or face relentless pressure to succumb to societal standards. Journalistic integrity has eroded, making it nearly impossible to discern facts from misinformation. Single-parent homes and a skyrocketing divorce rate have redefined the concept of family and commitment. Further, the erosion of traditional ideals, shifting cultural paradigms, and disillusionment with the government contribute to a greater sense of uncertainty. These issues mark the contemporary landscape.

While the challenges of today's wild country are radically different than those faced by the Dutton family and pioneers of a century ago, the need for unwavering bravery remains unchanged. Today's trailblazers must rely on their resilience, adaptability, and collective strength to navigate this uncharted territory.

Perseverance and a strong community are guiding stars in this modern wilderness. Today's young adults arguably stand at a pivotal point in history. They must emulate the brave spirit of the early pioneers, and take an active role in reshaping the landscape that future generations will inherit. Being passive is not an option — one could argue that apathy and indifference brought us here. Leaders of this generation must be attuned to the most pressing challenges, defend their principles, and confront issues head-on. Like the pioneers who braved the unknown, they must engage in the discourse, challenge the status quo, and advocate for progress. They must step forward and play an active role in steering the course of history toward positive progress and transformation.

Navigating the wild country of the past or present is a testament to the human spirit. We can muster strength and forge ahead despite the unforgiving conditions. Young adults should draw inspiration from the pioneers of a century ago, and embody their resilience, cooperation, and vision for a better way forward. Frankly, there is no other way forward.

Many years from now, perhaps older generations will gather to watch a compelling series about the pioneers of today who refused to surrender to the harsh landscape of their time.

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